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Polleney Vivosun® Prune Essence (6 bots x 42ml)
6 x 42ml / box
S$ 14.80S$ 11.80

Polleney Vivosun® Prune Essence is made from top graded Californian Prunes. It is rich in VItamin C, Dietary Fibre and fortified with Grape Seed Extract. Your inner wellness plays an important role in keeping up with your radiant beauty. This appetizing drink is suitable for daily intake after dinner and it helps keep you and your family brighten up! Polleney Vivosun® Prune Essence is vacuumed sealed to preserve its freshness and has no added preservatives, sugar, colourings or stimulants.

Polleney Vivosun® Prune Essence may be consumed straight from the bottle at room temperature or chilled (recommended) according to your preference. Once opened, the contents should be consumed immediately. Otherwise, refrigerate and consume within 12 hours. Presence of sediments is normal so shake well before drinking.