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Polleney Vivosun® Berry Essence
6 x 42ml / box
S$ 16.80S$ 13.80

Polleney Vivosun® Berry Essence contains a selection of the finest uncontaminated fresh wild berries rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to combat free radicals and alleviate fatigue. Polleney Vivosun® Berry Essence is produced using a special step-by-step extraction and vacuum-sealed to preserve its freshness.

The vibrance and radiance that our appearance gives off correlate with our inner health meter. The benefits of Polleney Vivosun® Berry Essence are acquired from the antioxidants of the natural berries and their ability to remove free radicals. A bottle of Polleney® Vivosun® Berry Essence a day rejuvenates inner health, making you look more vibrant and energetic.

Polleney Vivosun® Berry Essence does not contain preservatives, stimulants and caffeince. To ensure a fresh start every morning, drink a bottle at room temperature or chilled, according to your personal preference. Any sediment at the bottom comes from the nutritious fibre of the berries, just give the bottle a good shake before consuming.


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