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Polleney® Essence of Black Fish with Sea Cucumber (6 bots x 70ml)
6 x 70ml / box
S$ 18.00

POLLENEY® Essence of Black Fish with Sea Cucumber is an extract of premium quality fresh Black Fish blended together with the finest selection of sea cucumber. With research and technology, it is hygienically processed under high temperature and vacuumed sealed to preserve its freshness.

Black Fish also known as Snakehead Fish (Channa Striatus)

The Black Fish, one of the species of the snakehead fish, has been long used by Asians to speed up the healing of wounds following injury, surgery and childbirth. It is also among the favourite sources of protein in Asia.

The wound-healing properties of the Black Fish have been suggested in literature since 1931. In 1994, it was reported that the unique fatty acid composition of this fish plays an important role in the healing of wounds.

The Black Fish has very high endurance. It will not die even without water for a day. Research has shown that this fish is good for strengthening your body. When combined with the correct traditional herbs, it can help reduce stress, improve your health and boost mental ability. 

Wound healing

Tissue repair is a very intricate physiological process. It has been demonstrated that amino acids and fatty acids are important to connective tissue repair and recovery is hindered when these nutrients are deficient.

The Black Fish contains all the essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids for healing wounds. It is also very healthy for the skin and complexion.


A research led by Associate Professor Saringat Baie in the Department of Pharmacy at Universiti Sains Malaysia proved that the extract of the Black Fish has the ability to significantly speed up and promote wound healing by influencing the physiological events in the processes of connective tissue repair.

Sea Cucumber

The Sea Cucumber is a valuable health food. It is rich in protein, low fat and contains more than fifty types of nutrients vital to the human body and various active ingredients such as glucosides,  mucopolysaccharide, chondroitin glucosamine and collagen that act as cell regenerators and wound-healing accelerators. It is also zero in cholesterol.

Research conducted at several universities in Malaysia for eight years found that the Sea Cucumber   has the following beneficial properties: improves blood circulation, prevents clogging cholesterol in the blood vessels, increases metabolism, strengthens joints, repair and rebuilt cartilage, relieves arthritis, diabetes mellitus and hypertension as well as accelerate the healing of wounds following both external and internal injuries.

Apart from its healing properties, the collagen found in sea cucumbers also helps to improve skin suppleness and elasticity and maintains healthy joints and strong bones to prevent osteoporosis.

POLLENEY® Essence of Black Fish with Sea Cucumber

POLLENEY® Essence of Black Fish with Sea Cucumber undergoes the strictest quality control manufacturing process and only the freshest and finest ingredients are chosen.  This product is not a medicine but a nutritious health supplement that helps improvise your energy, strength, mental ability and keeps you alert in our stressful community.

POLLENEY® Essence of Black Fish with Sea Cucumber is an ideal health product and a nutritious treat to you and your family, regardless of gender, young or old. For best results, one bottle to be taken daily. POLLENEY® Essence of Black Fish with Sea Cucumber can be taken anytime anywhere.



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