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Polleney® Essence of Oyster with Cordyceps (6 bots x 70ml)
6 x 70ml / box
S$ 20.00

POLLENEY® Essence of Oyster with Cordyceps is made by simmering fresh premium quality "Pearl Oysters" from the coast of Xiamen, China, and blended with the finest selection of Cordyceps sinensis (fermented) to produce a flavourful essence derived from the oyster juice, proteins and tonic. It is hygienically processed under high temperature and vacuum-sealed to preserve its fragrance and freshness. POLLENEY® Essence of Oyster with Cordyceps contains no fat, cholesterol, preservatives, stimulants, caffeine, pectin, gelatine, MSG, artificial colourings or flavourings and other harmful chemicals. POLLENEY® Essence of Oyster with Cordyceps is delicious and mellow with a mild salty flavour from the sea, but does not taste fishy. It is a rich source of natural protein. POLLENEY® Essence of Oyster with Cordyceps is all natural and can be taken anytime, anywhere.


Oysters have always been well-known for their aphrodisiac properties. But do you know, that apart from that, oysters have a number of health benefits? Oysters are an excellent source of zinc. In fact, oysters contain more zinc than any other food. Zinc is vital for proper growth and development; it supports immune health and boosts wound healing. Oysters are high in protein and low in fat and calories. They are heart-healthy food, rich with omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium and vitamin E. These nutrients aids in lowering blood pressure and reduce the risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Omega-3 fatty acids also improve blood cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation, thus lowering the risk of heart disease. Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It protects and repair cell membranes from damage caused by free radicals, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases.


Cordyceps sinensis is a powerful life-enhancing tonic and an extremely effective and unique herb able to benefit the body system. Cordyceps help to restore normal functioning of various parts of the body.  It helps stimulate the immune system, benefits circulatory system and promotes energy, vitality and longevity. It develops strong anti-aging power and is a good antioxidant.

Recent observations have shown that cordyceps can improve performance and muscle-building capability, even though it does not contain any steroidal ingredients. Cordyceps benefits the vascular system by improving the circulation, it helps to regulate blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscle. As a working lung tonic, cordyceps is able to strengthen respiratory power in those who need extra energy to perform physical exercise. It is also useful for people who suffer from deficiency of lung power.

Recommendation: POLLENEY® Essence of Oyster with Cordyceps may be consumed straight from the bottle at room temperature, chilled or warmed (recommended) according to your preference. However, for health restoration purposes, we suggest consuming POLLENEY® Essence of Oyster with Cordyceps warm (immerse the bottle into hot water for 10 minutes before opening the cap). For best results, take a warm bottle daily after breakfast and dinner, and continue this routine for one month for effectiveness.

POLLENEY® Essence of Oyster with Cordyceps can also be used for seasoning all kinds of soups. It not only acts as a taste enhancer but also provides a tonic effect. Pour two bottles into boiling soup for two persons.

Note: Once bottle is opened, all contents should be consumed immediately. It is normal for sediments to appear. Shake well before consumption.


Ingredients (per 70g)  
Essence of Oyster 90%
Extract of Cordyceps sinensis (Fermented) 10%




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